Blueprint to Stencil theme conversion

Blueprint end of life

Storeowners should be aware that BigCommerce is replacing its Blueprint platform and has dramatically reduced its customer support. In its place is ‘Stencil’ the next generation platform and it offers exciting changes from the older Blueprint theme:

Fully Responsive Designs

Fully responsive designs All Stencil templates are full responsive and optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers. This feature means your products and services are showcased better on all devices. It also offers mobile-optimized checkout designed to reduce cart abandonment rates SEO Friendly Many feared that jumping from Blueprint to Stencil would cause SEO rankings to drop however this isn’t the case. As the move from Blueprint to Stencil isn’t a full migration therefore your rankings are not affected. In fact when Google bots review your revised site, they’ll find an improved code and upgraded design, which contributes to better SE0 ranking.

Stencil Theme Editor

Editable Content – The Stencil theme editor allows you to customize and manage storefront attributes such as colors, fonts, and number of items displayed, with no coding required.

Faster Websites

More efficient and faster Pages on Stencil load much faster meaning better SEO rankings and happier customers. Studies show that if you want customers to make it to purchase completion and reduce abandoned carts, every second counts. 

Developers Benefits

Local Development - We can develop stores locally on a dummy site using current data so live sites are not affected. A preview of these changes can then be shared with a store owner prior to pushing updates live. This is important as it eradicates the chance of a live code error which customers would experience in real time.

Overall this new platform incorporates the latest technological trends and practices as well as modern design, and SEO. Stencil is clearly an improved framework that outdoes Blueprint in every possible way.

Here at FreshClick we can help you switch from Blueprint to Stencil. We will build your site from scratch keeping the same design if you wish or we can amend it to your needs. Get in touch today for a free quote.


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