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  • Add to quote buttons on all products
  • Quote Widget inspired by our Rapid Checkout app
  • Customers can now load previous quotes and checkout
  • Convert Abandoned Carts to quotes
  • Multi-product quotes
  • Create and edit quotes from your dashboard
  • Works with all BigCommerce templates
  • Works on any BigCommerce Plan
  • Unlimited Users
  • Integrations with the following platforms: Active Campaign, Asana, Basecamp, Hubspot, Klaviyo, Mailchimp,, Quickbooks, Trello, Zoho and Zendesk
  • Customise user roles
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The FreshClick Quote builder allows customers on your BigCommerce store to submit single or multi-product quote requests directly from a product page or create a new quote from your Quote Manager. Your Sales representatives can then access the quote manager to create a bespoke/discounted quote for the customer. You can then email the quote to the customer with a checkout link to load the quote and complete the purchase.

Our Quote builder can be installed onto your BigCommerce store with one click of a button! We've tried to make the process as easy and simple as possible, but it's not a problem if you need our help. We can provide clear and simple installation guidance. If you require any help in the future, we have an excellent online support service including dedicated staff for this app.

For one low monthly fee, our packages include unlimited users and online support. Your package is based on your store product numbers. There are no hidden costs

Add to Quote buttons

Add to quote buttons

Upon installation of our application, an innovative feature, the 'Add to quote' button, is immediately incorporated into your product detail pages. This feature simplifies the quoting process, allowing potential customers to select products they want for a quotation.

When browsing your products, customers can click the 'Add to quote' button for any item they wish to add to their quote. This could be for a product they’re particularly interested in or multiple items they're considering. The system allows them the flexibility to add as many things as they need to their quote without any restrictions.

Once a product has been added to the quote, a dynamic widget from our app automatically pops up. This widget is the gateway to submitting the quote information, providing a seamless transition from product selection to quote submission. It guides the customer through submitting their quote request, making it a user-friendly experience.

Through this streamlined process, customers can easily compile a list of products they're interested in, specify the required quantities, and swiftly request a quote. This functionality doesn't just simplify the quotation process for customers and gives you valuable insight into your customers' preferences and needs, helping you serve them better.


We now have eight integrations to expand our app. These integrations include ActiveCampaign, Asana, Basecamp, Hubspot,, QuickBooks, Trello and Zoho, allowing real-time imports of your customer and quote data.

Manages your quotes easily

Manage your quotes

Using our quote manager, you can easily access, review and monitor quote requests—the transparent color-coded system to help you identify each quote's stage. You can also view every quote's exact status, for example, New, Draft, Sent. Management or dedicated admin access can view all quotes, while sales representatives can view their quotes. Each quote can easily be edited and amended here. Once they have been finalized, staff can preview them before sending the quote to the customer. If necessary, you can also achieve quotes.

View your quotes in detail!

View/edit/send your quotes!

When a request is received, your employees can swiftly generate a personalized quote and send it directly to the customer's email. The email includes a unique quote reference number, important notes about the quote, adjusted pricing, and pertinent contact details for accessible communication.

To ensure convenience, a PDF attachment of the quote is included. Customers can easily download, print, and save this for their records. The email also carries a checkout link to facilitate the purchase process. This link pre-loads the discounted quote, streamlining the customer's checkout experience. Our system allows for efficient quote creation and delivery, promoting a seamless customer experience.

View Customers information

View Customer Information

Our customer’s page is designed to offer a comprehensive view of all the essential information about each customer. It is a centralized hub where you can access and manage crucial details such as their name, email, address, and previous quotes. Having all this information readily available in one place lets you easily keep track of your customers and their interactions with your business.

One of the critical functionalities of the customer’s page is the ability to create quotes for customers. This feature streamlines the process by pre-filling the customer's address, making it significantly more convenient to generate accurate quotes. By eliminating the need to enter the address each time manually, you can save time and ensure that the quotes are accurate and tailored to each customer's specific location.

View Company information

View Company Information

The company information page is a centralized platform of valuable information about the company. It offers a comprehensive overview of crucial details, including the company's profile, contact information, and any associated contacts assigned to the company. By providing a consolidated view, this page enables easy access to all the necessary information related to the company.

In addition to displaying company-specific information, the page also features a section dedicated to previous quotes. This allows you to review and track quotes submitted by various customers associated with the company. Having this historical data readily available lets you gain insights into past transactions, assess patterns, and make informed decisions for future business engagements.

View Previous Quotes

By integrating our quote system, you can allow your customers to access and review their previous quotes quickly. This feature can be handy if your customers frequently request quotes for different sets of products or services. It provides a clear record of their past inquiries, enabling them to track their purchasing decisions and preferences over time.

Moreover, our system can recognize any quotes that need to be converted into an order. This means that if a customer has requested a quote but hasn't proceeded with the purchase, this information is visible and accessible to them. They can quickly load these specific quotes, review the details, and decide whether they want to proceed with the order.

Custom Shipping Prices

Our Quotes app allows you to add a shipping charge to your quotes, providing customers with a clearer picture of the total cost of their order. This feature allows you to adjust shipping costs for individual quotes based on various factors such as the shipping destination, the size and weight of the products, or any promotional offers you might be running.

Convert Abandoned Carts

Shopping cart abandonment happens in all stores. Many customers leave behind products to go back to them at some point. Our system collects these abandoned carts and turns them into a quote. Here you can add a specific discount before sending the quote to the customer. This feature encourages customers to complete their transactions and will increase sales.

Manage Users

Unlimited users

Our quote system is open to all your employees, offering seamless collaboration without user number limitations. We prioritize fair pricing, basing our costs on your product count rather than user count, making it an affordable choice for businesses of all sizes.

On the User Customization front, you hold total control. You decide what your users can access, ensuring relevant information reaches the right people. Plus, you can customize who gets notified about new quotes, enhancing efficiency and communication within your team. Our system offers flexibility and adaptability to cater to your specific business needs.

Clean Emails and PDF's

Clean Emails and PDF's

After receiving a quote request, our employees can create a customized quote and send it to customers via email. The quoted email encompasses various essential details such as the quote reference number, important notes regarding the quote, revised pricing, and relevant contact information. Additionally, the email includes a PDF attachment of the quote, which customers can download, print, and save for their records. Moreover, the quote is accompanied by a checkout link, enabling customers to conveniently access and complete their purchases.

To cater to individual preferences, we offer a selection of four templates for customers to choose from. Furthermore, if you already possess an existing invoice that you would like us to replicate or match, please create a support ticket and attach the document. We will gladly accommodate your request!

Full list of features

  • Add to quote buttons on each products
  • View Quotes on any page with our Widget inspired by our Rapid Checkout app
  • Customers can now load previous quotes and checkout
  • Line item discount applied at checkout
  • Zoho, QuickBooks, Hubspot and ActiveCampaign integration
  • Convert Abandoned Carts to quotes
  • Multi-product quotes
  • Create and edit quotes from your dashboard
  • Works with all BigCommerce templates
  • Works on any BigCommerce Plan
  • Unlimited Users
  • Customise user roles
  • Manage quotes
  • Apply discount to quotes and send back to the customer
  • View customer information that groups their quotes
  • View company information that groups customers with the same company names
  • Add a price to products in the quote where the default price is 0.00.
  • Add shipping charge (display purposes only)
  • Add tax amount (display purposes only)
  • Automatic discounts based on rules
  • Frontend form builder
  • Expiry dates to quotes with email reminders


Our pricing system is based on how many products your store has. Please see our Package prices
below or get in touch to discuss bespoke packages to meet your store needs.

  • PACKAGE 1 0 - 699 products


  • PACKAGE 2 700 - 2,999


  • PACKAGE 3 3,000 - 6,999


  • PACKAGE 4 7,000 - 11,999


  • PACKAGE 5 12,000 - 17,999


  • PACKAGE 6 18,000 - 29,999


  • PACKAGE 7 30,000 - 79,999


  • PACKAGE 8 80,000 - 149,000


  • PACKAGE 9 150,000 +



Change Log

30th August 2021
NEW Quote 2.0 We've released a new version of the app 2.0. Version 1.0 customers will have the option to stay on 1.0. Please see new features below:
  • New quote widget inspired from our Rapid Checkout app. The widget allows the customer to view their quote on any page, modify and submit their quote. They can also see their previous quotes allowing them to convert to an order.
  • Automatic integration with Zoho, QuickBooks, ActiveCampaign and Hubspot.
  • Four different email templates, more coming soon.
  • You can now add a price to products in the quote where the default price is 0.00.
  • We've replaced our coupon based system to individual line item discount. This means we will no longer create coupons for quotes.
  • We've added a form builder for the form submission so you have full control of what data you need from the customer.


To discuss our apps or any other enquiry please click the link below.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.