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The FreshClick Quote builder allows customers on your BigCommerce store to submit single or multi-product quote requests direct from a product page or create a new quote from your Quote Manager. Your Sales representatives can then access the quote manager to create a bespoke/discounted quote for the customer. The quote can then be emailed to the customer with a checkout link allowing them to load the quote and complete the purchase.

Our Quote builder can be installed onto your BigCommerce store with one click of a button! We’ve tried to make the process as easy and simple as possible, but if you need our help its not a problem. We can provide clear and simple installation guidance. If you require any help in the future we have an excellent online support service including dedicated staff for this app.

For one low monthly fee our packages include unlimited users and online support. Your package is based on your store products numbers. There are no hidden costs

Add to quote buttons

Add to quote buttons

When you install our app an ‘Add to quote’ button is automatically added to your product detail pages. Potential customers can click this button to contact you regarding any questions relating to a product or its price. Once they’ve finished browsing they then submit their quote. On receiving the quote sales representatives can answer questions, make amendments or add discount to the quote and then respond via email with a professional quote. Some customers may be deterred by the price of a product therefore by allowing them to add products to a quote they are not dismissing your product and leaving your website. Instead your sales representatives can contact them directly via the quote builder to negotiate and generate more business.

Manages your quotes easily

Manage your quotes

Using our quote manager you can easily access, review and monitor quote requests. The clear side bar gives you access to every quote and there is a clear color coded system to help you identify the stage of each quote. You can also view the exact status of every quote for example: New, Draft, Sent. Management or those with dedicated admin access can view all quotes, while sales representatives can view their own quotes. Each quote can be easily edited and amended here. Once they have been finalized staff can preview them, before sending the quote to the customer. If necessary quotes can also be achieved.

Convert Abandoned Carts to Quotes!

Convert Abandoned Carts

Shopping cart abandonment happens on all stores. Many customers leave behind products with the intention of going back to them at some point. Our system collects these abandoned carts and turns them into a quote. Here you can add a specific discount before sending the quote to the customer. This feature encourages customers to complete their transaction and will increase sales.

Manage Users

Unlimited users

Our quote system can be used by all your employees! We have no restrictions on the amount of users and our prices are based on your product number, not the amount of users!

User Roles

Our quote builder is very easy to use and employees will find it clear and understandable. You can allocate 3 user roles to staff including:

Action Sales Rep Manager Admin
Create Quotes
Manage own Quotes
Manage all Quotes
Manages Users
Manages Payments
Manages Settings
View your quotes in detail!

View your quotes!

Once a request has been received employees can create and send a bespoke quote to customers via email. This also contains a PDF attachment of the quote. Customers will be able to download, print and save the PDF for their records. Information in the quote email includes: Quote reference number, key notes about the quote, amended pricing, and relevant contact details. Quotes are also sent with a check out link allowing them to load the quote and complete the purchase.

Clean Emails and PDF's

Clean Emails and PDF's

Once a request has been received employees can create and send a bespoke quote to customers via email. This also contains a PDF attachment of the quote. Customers will be able to download, print and save the PDF for their records. Information in the quote email includes: Quote reference number, key notes about the quote, amended pricing, and relevant contact details. Quotes are also sent with a check out link allowing them to load the quote and complete the purchase.


Our pricing system is based on how many products your store has. Please see our Package prices
below or get in touch to discuss bespoke packages to meet your store needs.

  • PACKAGE 1 0 - 699 products


  • PACKAGE 2 700 - 2,999


  • PACKAGE 3 3,000 - 6,999


  • PACKAGE 4 7,000 - 11,999


  • PACKAGE 5 12,000 - 17,999


  • PACKAGE 6 18,000 - 29,999


  • PACKAGE 7 30,000 - 79,999


  • PACKAGE 8 80,000 - 149,000


  • PACKAGE 9 150,000 +



Change Log

18th December 2019
ADDED Lazy Load We've added a lazy load feature on the quote list page which will load more quotes when you scroll which improves loading time.
13th December 2019
FIXED Quote Distribution We've fixed an issue where the quote distribution wasn't saving.
ADDED Indian Rupee capability We've added the capability to enable Indian Rupee symbol in quotes.
ADDED Bulk Discount We've added a bulk discount input to bulk apply discount in quotes.
ADDED Sync Button We've added a sync button to the dashboard to sync your products.
ADDED On click tracking We've added the ability to use Google Anaytics tracking on the add to quote buttons.
ADDED Quick View We've added the add to quote button on quick view popups.
ADDED Convert cart to quote We've added a convert cart to quote button on cart pages which will add all of the customers items in cart to your quote.
ADDED Quote view page We've added the ability to change the quote message if there's no items in the quote.
ADDED Cart Link We've added the cart link (that gets sent to the customer) to the view quote page, please note opening this link will change the status to open.
3rd June 2019
ADDED Cart to Quote We've added a button to the cart which allows the customer to add their whole cart to their quote.
ADDED Quote Link We've added a link to the customers quote that will only show if they have products in their quote. It will show as "View Quote (3)"
ADDED Quick View We've added an add to quote button to the quickview popup allowing customers to add products to their quote from any page.
ADDED Hidden Prices We now hide product prices if the price has been set to hide in BigCommerce. The price is hidden in the Add to Quote popup, the Quote View page, the Quote submission page and the quote submission confirmation email that's sent to the customer.
29rd May 2019
ADDED Sync Products We've added product sync information to the dashboard. Our system updates your products every 24 hours or you can do this manually from the new button.
22nd April 2019
ADDED Quote Distribution We've added an option on the settings page to either choose load distribution (current) or not assigned. If not assigned is selected then the quote will be assigned to the sales rep who amends the quote.
ADDED Print Quote We've added a print quote button on the view quote page. This will show once the amended quote has been sent to the customer.
IMPROVED Emails & PDF We've improved the layout of our Emails and PDF. We've also included the customers company, name and address, total discount amount and fixed styling issues.
17th April 2019
ADDED Bulk Discount We've added a bulk discount input at the bottom of every quote page to quickly add discount to the whole quote.
FIXED Discount Input We've fixed an issue that was only letting you add round numbers to quotes.
12th April 2019
ADDED Quick actions We've added quick edit and view quote buttons on quote table.
ADDED Cost Price We've added the products cost price when creating/editing a quote.
ADDED Quote Source We've added the quote source to the system, it will show where the quote came from. Values are Website, Sales Rep or Abandoned Cart.
11th April 2019
ADDED Abandoned Carts Convert We've added a feature that collects your abandoned carts and allows you to convert them into quotes.
8th April 2019
ADDED Dashboard We've added a company field for the customer to add when submitting a quote from your website.
ADDED Dashboard We've added a dashboard so you can see an overview of your quotes. The dashboard includes total amounts of each quote status, a section for new quotes that require action (these quotes have come from your store), a quick view box of the quotes changelog and latest news from our twitter feed.
FIXED PDF Attachment We've fixed an issue with the PDF not displaying correctly in some email clients. This fix also includes styling fixes to the PDF.
23rd March 2019
ADDED Customers & Companies We've added a Customer and Company list & view page which the data is created from your existing quotes. Also links have been added throughout the system that link to these pages on Customer & Company names.
ADDED Create Quote from Customer We've added a create quote button to our customer page, when clicked it will take you to a new quote with the customers information automatically filled in.
ADDED Breadcrumbs We've added breadcrumbs so its easier to navigate around the platform.
20th March 2019
ADDED Product links When viewing a quote we've now made the product name and image a link back to the product that opens in a new window.
FiXED Creating Coupons for discount We’ve updated the apps permissions to allow for the Marketing OAuth scope. This fixes the issue with the system creating coupons.
ADDED Additional Links We’ve added few links to our navigation which includes Changlog, documentation and email support links.
ADDED Changelog We’ve added a changelog so you can see what's been fixed/added/modified.


To discuss our apps or any other enquiry please click the link below.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.